The human body has 650 muscles, 206 bones (26 of which are in just 1 foot) 78 organs, and is made up of more than 3 trillion cells.  There are three billion letters in the Human Genome. Written out, the Human Genome would stretch 5,592 miles and would take a typist working eight hours a day half a century to type it out.  There is a stained glass window at the York Minister Cathedral in England called the Rose Window, it looks very similar to the axis of just a single strand of the human DNA.  That is just one strand of many unique that make YOU!  


Isn’t the human body amazing?!   The way that it is intricately made to work together.  It is so easy to see an intelligent designer was at work.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 39) by a loving God for a purpose that no one else can fulfill….you are a work of art!

 Don’t let external fear of what others think and internal fear that you are not good enough prevent you from using your gifts and living your calling. Playing the “what if” game paralyzes us into inactivity.

Trying to be someone else will only rob the world of your unique set of gifts and talents.  As Jordan Feliz says in his song Beloved…. you are essential not accidental.  Repeat that truth to yourself, Beloved. 

Make it your mantra until you believe it!

Live your life in such a way that you share your gifts and talents to bless those around you.  Let Your Light Shine!