“Vinyasa” literally means to “place in a certain way. When you place your body movements and breath together in a "moving meditation", it can bring healing and fitness that cannot compare to any other form of exercise. With Hanan Palz Yoga, we will practice many forms of Vinyasa, including fast flow, basic movements and grounding practices.  Moving to the vibrations of music and meditating with your God given mind on all things that are lovely, honorable and true frees you body as well as your mind. 

If you would like to schedule a time and or inquire about any of our services, please email Hanan at info@hananpalzyoga.com or complete the Form & Waiver. 

Tuesday 5:30 pm Kula Glendale - Vinyasa Soul

Thursday 9:30 am MSF Peoria - Flow Yoga

Saturday 10:00 am MSF Arrowhead - Flow Yoga

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