A big thank you! You’re an angel. Today was the first day I woke up without a headache in over two weeks. I did the tennis ball on my scapula last night too. Thanks again!
— Gina, Arizona
Hanan is welcoming and encouraging. She challenges you, but does not push and is careful that you don’t get hurt. Hanan is extremely knowledgeable and is very good about cuing body position so you get the most out of your practice. Her classes are never the same and she keeps you interested. She has a calm and thoughtful manner to put you in the correct frame of mind for both a physical and spiritual practice. I always walk away feeling like she really cares about her students and is happy to be guiding us on our yoga journey.
— -Sharon, Arizona
Thank you so much for coming over today. Reily passed out!
— Jamie, Arizona

What’s the meaning of the name Hanan? Google says ‘compassion’ or ‘one who shows mercy.’ I agree. You are an angel of mercy and beautiful one at that. I love you sister, thank you for the massage and loving me in such a tangible way!.
— Pam, Arizona

I really enjoy your class! I love the idea of community yoga and how you try to implement it into class because there is something special about doing yoga together (as a group). I also love the use of touch in your class. You are one of the very few teachers to actually use such therapeutic touch.
— "Jenna", Arizona

Hanan! A wonderful, peaceful experience every time! Frequently challenging- which is good for me. I just love your class. Thank you!
— Leslie, Arizona

Enjoy the class very much. Music is great, instructor is very engaging with everyone. She makes the class fun. Especially enjoy the hands-on massages through the class period.
— Anonymous, Arizona

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